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Why Feed a Raw Diet?

Dogs and cats fed a diet of raw meaty bones, raw meat, and raw, pulverized vegetables experience greater physical and emotional health and longer life than can be achieved feeding processed, cooked food. Animals fed a biologically appropriate raw food diet – the BARF diet – experience a variety of health benefits, including … Strong immune system and no skin allergies… Easy weight control and few, if any, digestive problems… Beautiful coat, clean teeth, and fresh breath… Healthy ears…No more anal gland cleaning or tooth cleaning needed… No fleas… Happy, calm demeanor and more energy… Help for a wide variety of existing conditions.

Dogs and cats are carnivores – you can tell by the shape of their teeth: they have sharp, pointed teeth perfect for ripping and tearing meat and breaking bone. They do not have any flat chewing surfaces for grinding grain and breaking down the cellulose in plant material, like humans and herbivores such as cows and horses.

Not only are dogs and cats meant to eat meat, they are meant to eat RAW meat. Not many animals living in the wild cook their food! Although most of our companion animals are no longer fending for themselves, they still have the digestive systems of their wild ancestors -- they have strong digestive acids in their stomachs perfectly suited for killing bacteria in raw meat and for digesting bone. Raw meat provides nearly all the necessary building blocks for health and raw bone provides nature’s perfect balance of minerals needed for growth and maintenance. So why do we feed them dry food that is predominantly made of grain and that is processed at high temperatures?

These truths point to the fact that, if we are to feed our animals the diet best suited to them biologically, we must feed raw meat and bones as the predominant source of their nutrition. This may shock you. But the reality is that most domesticated dogs and cats were fed this way until the first quarter of 20th century. Since then, while veterinary medicine has combated many canine and feline diseases, new diseases have arisen that are undoubtedly closely tied to animal nutrition.

Learning this compelled me to change the way I feed my four dogs and three cats. To do so, I studied the books, consulted with veterinarians and others who have successfully fed their animals a biologically appropriate raw diet, and put the feeding regimen into practice . I found that the learning was easy, but adapting my life style to implement the new diet was a big challenge. I believe that I can save others the difficulties I went through by providing them this consulting service.

The biggest challenge to implementing a raw feeding regime, simply, is integrating it into one’s daily life. This is not rocket science, and despite what commercial pet food producers will tell you, it’s quite straightforward to give your animals what they need nutritionally. It just takes a little knowledge and the commitment to make it work.

I offer to help you do exactly that. Based on my experience, I will give you the information you need to know to get started and will help you design a feeding plan that works in your daily life. I will share with you the options that exist, give you the pros and cons of each so that you can make decisions that are suitable to your circumstances, and will work with you as you experiment to make sure you are providing this excellent diet safely. Since each animal is different, I will be your contact to help modify the diet based on your animal’s needs.