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Deepening Your Development With Your Dog As Partner


Do you love being with your dog? Do you wish you could include your dog in more aspects of your life, and regret leaving him or her when you go to work or take care of other aspects of your life? Have you put aside your own personal or professional development because you have to spend more time away from your dog to do so? Would you like to undertake some of your personal or professional development with your dog as an integral part of the work?

I work with people and their dogs to help both find more peace, equanimity, and fulfillment in life. Whether you want to address complex challenges at work, difficult relationships at work or home, designing the next chapter of your life – or any other pursuit that is calling to you but you can’t seem to make headway on your own – we can partner with your dog to help you address your passion more fully.

As you well know, our dogs are the best mirrors we have to ourselves. They show us how we are showing up emotionally and physically in the way they react to us, and in the behaviors they demonstrate. For most of us who love dogs, they open our hearts in ways no one else seems to do. How we relate to our dogs can either reflect how we engage with other people, or can reveal how we would like to be with others, but aren’t. We expose our deep-rooted thoughts and fears to them, and it is through them that we touch the inter-connectedness we all share.

I coach people with their dogs to leverage that incredibly strong bond. Our partnership will enable you to:

  • Explore more deeply what you think and feel, revealing previously unseen beliefs that are getting in your way.

  • Observe the way you show up physically and how that impacts others around you, impacting the relationships you hope to have with them.

  • Practice new ways of thinking, feeling, and being to open possibilities for action you cannot currently see.

  • Take action to step into new territory with the support of me and your dog to pursue what you want more fully.

  • Deepen even further your relationship with your dog.

As a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, I work with leaders in these ways in the workplace all the time to help them become more effective and fulfilled. As a life-long dog lover and student of dog behavior and nutrition, I have distinctions about dogs’ psychology and well-being. By combining these two specialties, I help those who care for dogs design more fulfilled, satisfying lives for themselves, their friends and families, and their dogs.