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Enjoy Your Dog Relationship More

Are you COPING with your dog’s behavior, or ENJOYING it? Do you tense up when you walk your dog in a public place? Are you worried your dog will misbehave when someone comes to the door? Have you developed techniques or limited your habits because your dog is unpredictable in some situations? Would you like to move beyond those stressors instead of coping with them regularly?

Have you ever envied another family that has a “perfect dog” – a dog who doesn’t jump up on people, bark excessively, lunge when on the leash, hurt you chasing something, or otherwise behave in ways you wish s/he wouldn’t? You love your dog, but there are times when obedience training alone isn’t enough to “fix” things.

I work with people and their dogs to see more clearly what’s getting in the way of having the “perfect dog”. What often gets in the way is our own limiting beliefs about how things “should” be. I help people do several things:

  • Better understand what to look for in your dog’s behavior that can help interpret what they are thinking and feeling, and become better observers of their dog’s behavior to anticipate what they are likely to do;

  • Challenge one’s own thinking about one’s dog and the way things “should” be, and reframe thinking to match reality; and

  • Work with both dog and person to become more centered to reduce fear, anxiety, aggression, and other unwanted behaviors.

I help people challenge their thinking about one’s dog and the way things “should” be, and reframe thinking to match reality in a positive way.

Who would benefit from working with me?

  • Families with new dogs in their homes

  • Those who have recently adopted a rescue dog

  • People who have had recent changes in circumstances that seem to have impacted the dog’s behavior, such as moving, new family members, new schedules, etc.

As a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, I work with people in these ways in the workplace all the time to help them become more effective and fulfilled. As a life-long dog lover and student of dog behavior and nutrition, I have distinctions about dogs’ behavior and well-being. By combining these two specialties, I help those who care for dogs more fulfilled, satisfying lives for themselves, their friends and families, and their dogs.